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  • Begin Your Career as a Trader Today

Simulated Challenge

Sign up for a simulated account and you will have a month to reach the profit target and stay within the risk metrics. The cost of the simulated challenge is $495. If you feel you won’t meet the profit target, or if you exceed the risk parameters, then you may reset the challenge at any time for $200. This will reset your simulated challenge. At the end of the month, if you exceed the daily loss limit, exceed the weekly loss limit, or exceed the max drawdown at any time, or do not achieve the profit target, you will not pass the simulated challenge.

  • Buying Power

    Profit Target

    Daily Loss Limit

    Weekly Loss Limit

    Maximum Drawdown

    Trader Payout

  • $20,000






Trading Platform

trading platform -ZeroPro

Additional Resources

If you are having trouble qualifying for a funded account, we can
help you by providing two resource options: